Learn Four Ways to Brace Yourselves From the Storms of Life.

In the past years, we have seen and heard of the massive devastation that hurricanes Harvey and Irma and other hurricanes have caused in the Caribbean and how hurricanes have affected areas in Florida and other states. Excessive rain led to flooding and winds that resulted in trees, debris, houses, cars, boats being thrown around. Residents have had to prepare for the storms by boarding up their homes and businesses, and seeking safety in shelters. But the worst was, the aftermath of the storms, when people returned to their homes and found  that they had lost everything and had difficulty picking up the pieces of their lives.  Although Massachusetts’ residents were not hit as hard from these storms, my husband and I got a taste of what an aftermath of a storm was. In 2018, my car was totaled when our tree fell on it and my husband’s car needed repairs. The following is a discussion of how physical and emotional storms have similar characteristics and the four ways that you can brace yourselves from the storms of life.

Characteristics of a physical or an emotional storm:

  1. You want to seek shelter from the storm
  2. Every storm has devastating effects
  3. There is lost from the aftermath of a storm
  4. You must pick up the pieces of your life after the storm.

Ways to brace yourself from the Storms of life

  1. Whether you have been through a divorce, a death of a loved one or still caring for a loved one, you have been through emotional storms or still going through a storm, and people do not understand why you are overwhelmed with life. The Almighty God is your shelter (Ps 91:1); He knows your pain, your weakness, and you can turn to Him to help you through your difficult times.
  2. The person who is not going through divorce, separation, the death of a loved one or  the caring of a loved one, has no idea what you are going through. You feel the devastating effects of your storm and may feel lonely, exhausted or guilty, but in turning to the Lord, you can receive strength and peace (Ps 46:1; Phil 4:7).
  3. You may feel emotionally lost by your divorce from a spouse or the death of a loved one, but God promises that He will never leave or forsake you (Deut 31:6). You may be tired from caring for a loved one, but God reminds you not to be weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap if you do not lose heart (Gal 6:9).
  4. You may feel overwhelmed by picking up the pieces of your life, but by turning to the living God, you will be renewed; because God makes all things new (Isaiah 43:19).