God Sent an Angel to Help My Daughter

About two months ago, I ran into a special lady at Staples store who owns a music school. She explained what the school was all about and we exchanged numbers. Within a month or so, I was calling this angel after deciding that Jo-an will attend her school on Saturdays. At the same time, I had an assistant working with me who will help me to make this possible.

We got lost trying to find the place and arrived there late for our first class, which was free. The owner, who I will refer to as Vic, gave me the paperwork to fill out. On the first class, I was reassured that my daughter Jo-an will be successful because  of Vic’s mannerism, her encouragement, her laughter, her joy and her motivation.Vic was created by God to be a giver, to create in others what God had created in her. She has talent and she knows how to impart it.

This speaks to the fact that everyone can learn when he/she is given the chance to do so and is connected to the right person.  When you and I are faced with the overwhelming tasks of dealing with our special-needs loved one, we must continue to seek help, find an outlet, one that will benefit our son and daughter. Pray and believe  that God will send someone to assist you. God is faithful; He sent an angel to help my daughter.


How to Increase Confidence in Difficult Situations

It is so interesting that life goes on regardless of our situations. It has been two decades since our daughter, Jo-an, faced special challenges. Everyone I have spoken to, has asked me about her mental condition. I do not know how a mental state begins but I know that God does not want me to dwell on the unknown. We must look to the future because God has promised a future for each of us.

Whether you are a special-need person or someone who has experienced emotional pain, God can fix it because He knows all about you and He knows where it hurts the most.

My daughter Jo-an is doing quite well. When she gets dressed in the morning, I help her with her makeup and her outfits so she understands the importance of feeling good about herself.  This helps to improve self-esteem, confidence, and self-worthiness. I have seen what a big difference this has made on her life. I also believe in a great diet of chicken or fish with vegetables, a great smoothie to give her strength, and great supplements such as B vitamins and fish oil.

Whatever you do for your special-need loved one, make him/her feel confident and worthy of your love. God loves all of us, so we must extend that love to our loved one.